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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can this book be understood by the average person?

A: Yes. Explanations are detailed and clearly presented. Unfamiliar subjects, such as elasticity in steel or concrete and bending moment, are introduced using examples familiar to everyone.

Q: Who will use this book?

A: Someone wishing to build an earth-sheltered house with a concrete roof which is completely integrated with the supporting walls.

Q: Is this book limited to earth-sheltered house construction?

A: No, but the designed structures must not be subject to stresses other than the simple loads described in the Mechanics chapter.

Q: Is the Working Stress Design (WSD) system valid?

A: For the limited applications suggested, yes. Prior to the 1960s all reinforced concrete structures were built using Working Stress Design.

Q: Is this book comprehensive?

A: Yes, it covers everything you will need to know. In particular, the large chapter on formwork is unique in its scope and detail.

Q: What demands are made upon the users of this book?


A: There are two:

  1. To correctly evaluate anticipated loads and to seek outside advice in this area if needed.

  2. The entire text must be carefully read and understood.

$39.00 / Paperback

ISBN: 978-0228837183
248 pages

Reinforced Concrete Construction

For Small Projects


Ron Dean

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