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Reinforced Concrete Construction

For Small Projects


Ron Dean

$39.00 / Paperback

ISBN: 978-0228837183
248 pages


Reinforced Concrete Construction For Small Projects is a manual intended to guide builders, including DIY workers, through the design and fabrication of the reinforced concrete members likely to be used in constructing small concrete buildings, such as earth-sheltered homes. Unlike publications which deal only with the detailing of rebar in concrete, this book covers all aspects of the assembly and placement of concrete members. The basic properties of steel and concrete are described. In the section on mechanics, analyses of beam loading provide data leading to the correct placement of steel reinforcement. Subsequent application of the Working Stress Design (WSD) equations leads to a complete rebar size/placement plan. The forming system is designed to accommodate rebar grids and cages, and requires an absolute minimum of single-use materials.


Modern reinforced concrete design systems used by engineers normally rely upon the application of sophisticated computer programs. However, for structures with simple loads such as the weight of earth and snow upon the roof slab of an earth-sheltered house, the older WSD system is quite adequate. WSD calculations require only a pocket calculator. WSD theory is presented in detail with simplified math along with examples of important calculations. A math tutorial is included to assist readers who are less familiar with the application of algebraic equations.


The Winterholm building (cover photo) is located within an active seismic area. Wherever possible, the structural members described in this book were designed to give maximum protection against earthquake damage.


Reinforced Concrete Construction For Small Projects will be useful to builders and DIY workers who are involved in the following:

  • Self-built earth-sheltered homes

  • How to build an underground house or an earth-sheltered home

  • DIY reinforced concrete construction

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“The most comprehensive tool for anyone who wants to design and build a small, reinforced concrete structure without requiring the use of sophisticated software.”



Consulting Engineers

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